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  • Flood Dawg – "Boss"Flood Dawg – "Boss"
    Ashokie, North Carolina rapper Flood Dawg presents “Boss”, the PacoTheProducer-produced lead single from his forthcoming album Emotions Running High. Flood’s previous releases include his Perfect Timing EP (stream) and his debut album Flow Chart (stream). Flood says he made his new single because “I feel a lot of people brag about their life and what they got, but they are in debt to someone. A boss is someone that doesn’t have to rely on others to bring their goals into fruition, and even without music I feel I’m already successful.” Emotions Running High is scheduled for a fourth quarter release on Flood’s label O.U.R Brand Music. Read more »
  • WORD 2 MY FATHER – Bre SwaGzWORD 2 MY FATHER – Bre SwaGz
    Bre SwaGz “WORD 2 MY FATHER” OFFICIAL MUSIC video. Niggas Dye Godly Entertainment® Read more »
    Bre SwaGz “THROW IT BACK” video. ®Niggas Dye Godly Entertainment Read more »
  • BUNDLES – Bre SwaGzBUNDLES – Bre SwaGz
    Bre SwaGz “BUNDLES” video. ®Niggas Dye Godly Entertainment Read more »
    Bre SwaGz “EVERYTHING I’VE BEEN THROUGH” movie. Niggas Dye Godly Entertainment Read more »
  • EAT – Bre SwaGzEAT – Bre SwaGz
    Bre SwaGz “EAT” Music video. Niggas Dye Godly Entertainment Read more »
  • G. Battles – “Rolls Royce” ft. Rick Ross & SPice1G. Battles – “Rolls Royce” ft. Rick Ross & SPice1
    San Diego-born, Oakland-bred rapper G. Battles presents the Rick The Director-directed music video for “Rolls Royce”, featuring Rick Ross and Spice 1, which will appear on Battles’ forthcoming album First Draft Pick, set for release on his BlakHartMusic imprint. Produced by Khyrs Hollywood, “Rolls Royce” follows on the heels of Battles’ clips for “Roll Some Bomb” (Youtube), “Fidel Castro” (Youtube) and “Dogg Star” (Youtube). “Down 4 Whatever” landed a spot on Snoop Dogg’s Soundcloud playlist (Soundcloud). Now residing in Las Vegas, his music has been licensed for television shows on FOX and Showtime; on The Pitch, Shameless and in the film The Hot… Read more »
  • J. Lately – “Run”J. Lately – “Run”
    Bay Area, California emcee J.Lately presents the Erica Eng-directed music video for “Run”, the new single from Tuesday, his forthcoming album produced entirely by Space Cadet. The new album will also feature appearances from The Grouch (stream “Clean”), Blimes and Khyenci. Space Cadet is also the beatsmith behind half of Lately’s 2017 album Be F*cking Happy. Read more »
  • Micah Freeman – “Walk The Line”Micah Freeman – “Walk The Line”
    Baltimore-born, Atlanta-based artist and Awful Records affiliate Micah Freeman presents the Los Changos Dorados-produced music video for “Walk The Line”, the new single from Micah’s forthcoming EP I Wasn’t Born Yesterday. “Walk The Line” is produced by REO, the Grammy-award-winning beatsmith behind tracks like “I Am Sasha Fierce” for Beyoncé and Lil Wayne’s “Mirror” as well as cuts for Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Freeman’s 2015 EP The Redfeatured Father on the title track (stream the music video via Complex). Matt Martians of The Internet says Freeman is “where R&B should be right now. It’s forward-thinking with a soul.” Freeman says his… Read more »
  • Starscream the Giant – “My Domain”Starscream the Giant – “My Domain”
    Austin, Texas-bred and current Washington DC resident, rapper/producer Starscream the Giant presents “My Domain”, his new self-produced single featuring Jojo Circus. The track will appear on Dope Ballads On Mount Pleasant, Starscream’s forthcoming album also featuring guest appearances from BIGBABYGUCCI (stream “Tropical” on Spotify), EROz and Marcus Riley, as well as production from DJ Smooth Operator, ZYXO and Valibeats. Starscream’s first full-length was his 2016 mixtape Come Thru, It’s Lit (stream “White Bronco” on Spotify). “I wrote ‘My Domain’ when I was back in Austin hanging out with a couple of friends in a hotel at the Domain (a local shopping/residential… Read more »
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