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Below are some frequently asked questions about us and our services. If you still have questions please contact us HERE.

What is FireTuner?

FireTuner is a online rss feed website that allows you to catch up on the latest news from all your favorite sites in one place.

Are we free to use?

Yes, All readers can view and follow as many rss sites as you wish.

How do I add my rss feed?

You can add your rss feed by registering HERE we charge a small monthly fee of $4.99 a month and provide you with your own company page, website link, rss link, follow rss link and your latest rss feed posts which is constantly updated to our site.

How does my company benefit from FireTuner?

Companies listed on FireTuner benefit greatly because many people use us every day searching for great updated content from various sites all from one site saving them time by eliminating the use of going to site to site.

In addition, Companies listed here receives a full company page with all links including your rss feeds stream. We take care of the updating of your feeds so you can focus on providing great content.

When does rss feeds update?

Firetuner updates all rss feeds automatically every 10 minutes – 1 hour time frame.

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